Dallas Police Headquarters on Lockdown

Officers in Dallas on high alert, after reportly receiving threats against them and another report of shots fired and a masked man, lurking around a police parking garage.

Officers wearing helmets were seen blocking off the road near the reported scene, and entering the garage, guns drawn, where the supposed gunman was located.

Police now believe that someone used their radio system without authorization to call in a false report, however, with the police shooting on Thursday, they are not taking any chances.

The report came in just after the commanders wrapped up a meeting with chief David Brown on yesterday’s shooting. The Brown briefed the commanders on the latest details on the case then told his guys who have been working tirelessly since the attack to go home and get some rest.

Police headquarters are still under lockdown as officers continue to search the parking garage where the masked man was reported.

No suspects have been located. No shots fired.


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