Armored Truck Heist Prompts Lock Down of Keiser University WPB

Police say the lock down has been lifted after officers searched for several suspects involved in a sledgehammer attack on a Loomis driver near Keiser University in West Palm Beach Tuesday morning.

Police say the suspects got away with a quarter million dollars.

Police say a Loomis driver got hit over the head with a sledgehammer near 45th Street and Australian Avenue and the attackers drove off in a black Toyota Tundra.

“We have been informed by local authorities that they have addressed the threat in the surrounding area. The lock down for Keiser University‚Äôs Flagship campus has been lifted.” said spokesperson Keli Lane.

Deputies used crime tape to seal off a lot near 45th and Australian Avenue, where the hammer attack reportedly took place.

No suspects are in custody.


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