Apartment Complex Tells Renters ‘No Shutters’

Renters at an apartment complex in West Palm Beach are extremely frustrated and concerned after they were told by management that they are not allowed to board or shutter their windows and doors.

As residents of the Colony Park apartment began their preparations ahead of Hurricane Irma, which is currently a category 4 storm, they received a letter stating residents are to clear off their patios and balconies, however, they will not be allowed to board or shutter their apartment homes.

“Understand that while we empathize with your need to protect your personal property, boarding up your residence is NOT something you are allowed to do,” the letter reads.

The letter then went on to state that residents should place all of their personal items as far away from the windows and doors to prevent any damage in the event that their window or doors do not hold up through the storm.

Residents like Del Vargas spoke to reporters saying, she doesn’t understand why they will not be allowed to put up shutters this year when the complex generally provides them with the shutters.

Many other residents expressed concern for their children and animals who will be in the apartment homes when Irma hits.

There was no word on why the complex has decided not to allow residents to shutter their homes, however, it was said the decision was made by corporate.

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