11:58pm EDT, 04/26/15
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Statue of Liberty evacuated (NBC New York)

Critics Lash Out At Chinese Scientists Who Edited DNA In Human Embryos (NPR)

How Marco Rubio misjudged himself on immigration reform (Wash. Post)

Easter Island heads to create reef off Deerfield Beach (Sun Sentinel)

3 people on SkyWest flight lose consciousness, forcing emergency landing (Fox News)

LOOK: Chris Andersen's new tattoo is legitimately scary (CBS Sports)

American, Italian Hostages Killed in CIA Drone Strike in January (Wall. St. Journal)

‘Killing Jews is Worship’ posters will soon appear on NYC subways and buses (Wash. Post)

Still No Reports Of “Hillary Fever” Outbreaks (Human Events)

Immigrant Population to Hit Highest Percentage Ever in 8 Years (CIS)

State Department Won’t Rule Out $50 Billion ‘Signing Bonus’ For Iran (Wash. Free Beacon)

Skeptics slam homeopathic drugs at FDA hearing (Wash. Examiner)

Obama to press climate change agenda with trip to Everglades on Earth Day (Wash. Post)

What's behind the latest Dr. Oz controversy (CNN)

Expert: Obama's amnesty 'profoundly unfair' to 4 million legal immigrants, a new high (Wash. Examiner)

American Jewry's moment of decision (Jewish World Review)

Undaunted, Immigration Hawks Meet in D.C. to Plan Their Next Moves (One Old Vet)

Jeb Bush: Senate Should Confirm Loretta Lynch, ‘Presidents Have Right To Pick Their Team’ (People's Pundit Daily)

Ira Stoll on Rubio's Mixed record (Reason)

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