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Joyce Kaufman will be hosting the Pledge Ride Banquet at the Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center on Thursday September 4. Join her along with speaker Pamela Geller, representatives from Israel, candidates from the Democrat and Republican parties and Tea Party representatives. Hotel and ride info here.


The News Feed

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is still a traitor, he votes with Senate Democrats to advance Senate Democrats' border spending bill.  Breitbart.com


Help nine Treasure Coast Veterans keep their group homes that they have until now been living in for free.  They must come up with $4000 to stay in their home for six more months or they will be evicted on August 1st and become homeless.  The Breath of Heaven Ministries will accept your donation.  A local business has already donated $1000.  Click here to donate,  WPTV 5

Winning a lose/lose war.  How to lose battles and gain sympathizers.  Once again neighboring enemies are warring in diametrically opposite ways.   VictorHanson.com


Maj. Gen. Shlomo Turgeman of the Southern Command notes that the IDF has successfully destroyed tens of terror tunnels.  Really good news for Israel.  Israel National News

Hamas and Hiroshima:  The last man of Enola Gay knew what it took to win a war. Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk died Monday at the age of 93. He was the last survivor of the crew of the Enola Gay, which on August 6, 1945, dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima. It is one those tricks of history that he died amid a campaign by the left to convict Israel of “war crimes” for its action in Gaza. NY Sun


Help the Emergency Volunteers Project (EVP).  It is training highly qualified individuals and groups to assist and support Israeli emergency services organizations in times of emergency.  Local coordinator Brian 305-949-4947 EVP website

Must read, the Hamas Charter.  Necessary to understand what Israel is up against.  The Jerusalem Fund


The "Terrorist Cop" Morty Dzikansky will be on Joyce's show once a week from Israel.  He is a former NYPD detective and author.  Books

Joyce Kaufman is awarded the "Sharon Harrison Memorial Award" by Talkers.com (the bible of talk radio) for outstanding communty service by a broadcaster on June 20, 2014.  Video

Obama Condemns Israel for Shelling a U.N. School; Shrinks from Criticizing Hamas.  Redstate.com

Please check out The Shmira Project.  This involves doing acts of kindness in your daily life in the name of a specific Israel Active Combat soldier.  It is free, no donations, and many around the world participate who are both Jewish and non-Jewish. The FAQ section has good info on the project.  It is based on the Bible to give support to an active duty soldier.  It is very quick to register and the name of your soldier is received immediately.  The Shmira Project

Unlikely ally France offers asylum to Iraqi Christians while President Obama turns his back on them.  Providing us with yet more evidence that leadership in addressing humanitarian crises across has passed to Western European powers, France has offered asylum to Iraqi Christians fleeing persecution from the Islamic State  Redstate.com


Support Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with an email: PM_ENG@PMO.GOV.IL

Media watchdog asks why the Wall Street Journal has removed Twitter photos implicating Hamas in war crimes namely using the Al Shifa hospital as a military headquarters, and media watchdog CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, on Tuesday asked them why the posts were removed? .  Algemeiner.com

Simon Wiesenthal Center Reacts to Letter from 100 Spanish Celebrities Accusing Israel of Genocide including Penelope CruzWiesenthal.com

Iron Dome defends Israel from Hamas rocket fire.
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