6-Year-Old Found Dead in Stolen Vehicle

An Amber alert in Mississippi ended in tragedy, when police say they found the body of  6-year-old Kingston Frazier in the back of his mothers stolen car.

The incident occurred in Thursday around 2:00am when a woman came out of the grocery store parking lot at and noticed that her vehicle was missing.

The child’s mother said she left the car running while she ran inside the store. A witness told authorities that three men in a Honda pulled up to the victim’s 2000 Camry, and the passenger of the vehicle, jumped in the victim’s vehicle before speeding off.

Sheriff Mason of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office , said at that time the patrol officer arrived to the store, they did not know there was a child in the stolen vehicle. Once the mother informed authorities that her child who had been in the vehicle at the time was missing, they contacted highway patrol and issued an amber alert.

Before the car and the child were located, Madison County, Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance held an emotional press conference pleading with the thieves to just bring the child somewhere safe.

The vehicle was later found abandoned in Madison County with the child dead from a gunshot wound.

Authorities arrested 19-year-old Byron McBride, 18-year-old DeAllen Washington and 18-year-old Dwan Diondro Wakefield in connection with the incident after witness report accurately ID’d the suspects. All three teens have been charged with capital murder and grand theft auto. They are currently being held at a local Jackson jail without Bond. A court date has been scheduled for Monday.





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