10 Tons of Cocaine Worth $300 Million offloaded at Port Everglades

(Photo Courtesy: U.S. Coast Guard)

About 10 tons of cocaine seized by the U.S. Coast Guard from waters off Mexico and Central America was offloaded at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Tuesday.

Officials say the drugs were seized in international waters during 14 separate vessel interdictions. The drugs are worth about $300 million.
In addition to the U.S. Coast Guard, multiple agencies from the Department of Defense and the Justice and Homeland Security were involved in the effort.

“This offload today is not just the result of one unit, but the combined efforts of multiple Coast Guard cutters, aircraft and support, as well as that of our partners and allied men and women who continue to work day and night to stop these criminal organizations from profiting off transnational crime and smuggling,” Coast Guard Cdr. John Mctamney said in a statement. “While this offload represents approximately 10 tons of illicit drugs that will never hit out streets, it also represents a significant depletion to the cash flow to these criminal organizations.”



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