AustinPerry Search for missing teens shifts to SC coast Private pilots join in the search, family and well-wishers hold out for a safe return
WX-7-29 Your South Florida Weather Hot with a chance for afternoon storms
Scouts Scouts vote to lift ban on gay leaders The new policy also allows religious organizations to choose leaders at will
CoastGuard-7-27 Search video of Tequesta teens’ boat released The U.S. Coast Guard continues to search for the missing boys off Central Florida
Boaters Lost At Sea: Families Pray for Safe Return The boat carrying Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, 14, was found adrift off Cape Canaveral Sunday.

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Joyce Kaufman

Supreme Law of the Land

Just as Congress gets ready to take up the agreement the Obama administration has inked with Iran, a new question has arisen — could the pact be ripe for attack in a different place, namely the United

Rich Stevens

Woman Gives Birth In Car

It’s another use of a Go Pro camera that we have not seen before… How this dad kept his cool is really amazing… I’m amazed that the dad could even continue to drive while all that was

Which Color Would You Choose

Here we go again, first it was a dress… Now it’s #TheShoe… It all started with an innocent post asking which polish goes better with this shoe… So what do you think? Which color nail polish goes

Do You Need Glasses?

Just take a look at the picture… If you see Albert Einstein you are good to go, probably don’t need glasses. but if you see Marilyn Monroe… that’s a different story… This is an optical illusion created

Remove Cat Before Flight

Incredible video of a cat hanging on for dear life, it’s ok to watch the cat survives… In the unlikely event of a loss of cabin pressure, a kitty will drop from the overhead compartment to offer