?????????????????? Two Teens Dead After Possible Murder-Suicide on School Campus
GTY_clinton_sanders_cf_160204_4x3t_384 6th Democratic Debate Recap: Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders
school Shooting Near Frances Tucker Elementary School in Coconut Grove Traumatizes Students
AP_ted_cruz_ml_151201_4x3t_384 Ted Cruz Campaign Pulls Political Ad After Realizing Actress was an Adult Film Star
police car Single Mother of Five Killed by a Hit and Run Driver in Suburban West Palm Beach
Jones State Attorney Updates Family on Corey Jones Case
police New York Officer Kills Wife and Son Before Torching Home and Shooting Himself
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Joyce Kaufman

Rich Stevens

Donald Trump Pussy Cat Song

It’s all about context… No one wants Donald to say the P word on TV or on the radio… But what if we team him up with Tom Jones, and it’s a Pussy Cat?

Gotta Love Donald

Watch as Donald Trump slams Cruz and blames it on a woman in the audience… Classic! ***WARNING THIS MAY OFFEND SOME PEOPLE***

No More Good Wife

Well, I told you about two weeks ago this was going to happen, think about it… How can there be a Good Wife without the Good Wife!